Going Back


i'm coming home! i'm coming home! yabedabedu...~

frankly said, i didn't give a thought about going back to Penang..dear, it's my study week kot and even both my parent said it's okay to stay and study rather than i'm going back, no study, tired and then potpetpotpet here and there. yeah, its so me :p baik duduk bangi je.

but last minute, my friends said that there was a gap between my exam and my lovely kissm exam so, why don't i going back and have wonderful aidiladha there. for that reason now, here i am. kl sentral, my never-get-bored transportation. haha. after a few year without family in aidiladha so, here it come at the seriously great  end of the last semester. hehe. such a joy u know.

i hope i can study at least a few chapter. hopefully my adik-adik didn't try incited me in anything. your kakak want to focus la dey! i wish. i wish and i wish i can do that. 

p/s: someone said that she likes it when i write in English. yeah, i know my English is lil' bit mess up here and there but trying is just nice you know. :)

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