motivasi sket..

oke sume..arini aku nk share some of inspiring word dari buku 'Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul'..realitinya buku ni mmg da lama pun tp bak kata omputeh..better late than never..reason ak ngada2 nk share kt sini sbb haku tgh kurg motivasi diri dan buku ni help me a lot..i guess laa..ngee~

~ learn to laugh at ur troubles and you'll never run out of things to laugh at.

~ tell people what u want them to know before it's too late.

~ Challenges make u discover things about urself that u never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch, what make u go beyond the norm.

~ please teach me to appreciate what i have, before time forces me to appreciate what i had.

~ u have to have confidence in ur ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.

~ sometimes if u want to be a winner, u have to be willing to bear the scars from the fight.

~ the best protection any woman can have is courage.

~ never regret. if it's good, it's wonderful. if it's bad, it's experience.

sO..?? y don't starting right now..kita try follow and tengok ap hasilnya..(^_*)

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