you're mean


hari ni masuk tahun baru dan aku baru je buat azam baru.
and suddenly some brainless people just make me take out the word


is it fun to be mean with other??

kalau korang dah tak dapat nak rationalize sangat apa yang jadi
so, tak payah la nak kaitkan dengan orang lain.
tak payah nak pertikai itu ini.

pleasee laaa..!!~
bila nak judge people tuh boleh tak fikir dulu?
so that, takdela malu sangat kan bila kena bidas katak gitu je.
what a shame..~

ludah ke langit dan jilat balik..
oh mann..!! sungguh tak cool ok!

well..~ here goes some advice yang encourage a bit..

Most mean people have a sarcastic edge....arm yourself with a few funny one-liners that you can use when faced with a negative person.

Don't take what a mean person says is their problem, definitely not yours!

If you have a friend that has a mean streak and tends to say things that hurt you or others, try saying, "Ouch" out loud and never allow yourself to get sucked into the behavior. Always know it is okay to not continue the friendship.

Don't go running away scared from a mean person, walk away with a stronger sense of yourself, knowing that you made a good decision not to get sucked into the negativity!

be strong dear..~~!

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