Can u tell me to find strength?

Can u raise me up by sparkling ur eyes?

Everyone want its faster,more..

Oh,but i’m just an ordinary girl

The wind moves freely but

I don’t know where everyone is

But have strength, we’ve made it this far

This is really nothing at all

Let’s change this world!

The one thing i know is that

The only reason this complicated world is exciting

Is because of one person

Yes, its you..

Can u tell me that u love me?

Can u embrace me and laugh together?

Everyone wants it faster and more

Oh! but i’m just an ordinary girl

The sky is so blue but

I don’t know where everyone is heading

I like u just the way u are

U set me free

Set me free,my boy!

Ever since u showed up (i’ve been changed)

Everything changed

From now on, let’s start again


Ready for ur love (this is really nothing at all)

p/s: lirik lagu yg sedang gigih berputar di blog ini..suka giler lagu ni tp baru perasan lirik cintan2 rupanya.~xkesah laa..jnji rentak catchy..! enjOy people..~~ =)

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