..Banmal Song..

..Seo Hyun..
It's so hard for me to say 'thanks' or 'bye' to you
All i can say is 'thank you' or 'thanks so much'..~
Everything is brand new to me so, i'm a little unsure ..~
How should i say it?..~

..Yong Hwa..
I wish we could be close enough to speak informally even though we're still awkward and unrefined..~
instead of saying 'gomoweyo' try talking to me like a friend..~
we're going to be speaking Banmal to each other from now on..~
step by step slowly walk closer to me..~
look me in the eyes and say..~

omo! omo! they are so sweet..

how i wish to be like them..ouh! berangan giler..~

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